If the ball or tire is deflated, you can continue to bounce and continue on the road by pumping up the air.
People are tired and need to cheer up and replenish their energy. Once you regain your strength, you will have strength.
There are many kinds of qi, and different qi needs to be supplemented according to different situations.
If you are too vulgar, you need to supplement your delicate energy; if you are too dull, you need to supplement your spiritual energy; if you are too pedantic, you need to supplement your righteousness.
With this reconciliation, people are impartial, and the balance of body and mind drives the breadth and depth of vision and taste.
These many positive and positive qi in life are the value and reason for the existence of new qi in Bafang.

This time, the 75 pots that Mr. Wang Xiajun has created over the years are on display. The pots created in the past are classified into different "qi" according to the personality they exude, so they are handsome, heroic, and extravagant... I hope every one With the will, the pot leads people into the new artistic conception of Huigan.

The following specially selects a few pots with different "qi" to describe its personality and will. I hope that each pot can subtly lead the user's state of mind, and the heart will change with the environment to replenish Qi for life!

The Qi of the Pot

Blessing is a mellow and continuous succession, the gift of blessings and birthdays

The blessings bestowed by God are destined gifts, and they seem unpredictable to come and go. Although we cannot control the arrival of blessings, the more we can perceive and feel the blessings we enjoy, the more we know how to always be grateful, cherish blessings and not squander them, the blessings will always be around us. If you want to add happiness to yourself, you must know the truth between giving and receiving, gratitude and cherishing blessings.

The stacked gourds in "Autumn Leap Happiness" remind us of the big and small blessings we encounter every day. It symbolizes the joy of harvesting with large and small stacked gourds. The continuous arc lines are integrated with the warmth and smoothness, just like the traditional Chinese "gourd" ” like a continuous circle, and it also continuously accumulates the blessings of God’s gift.

秋躍幸福 瓷器 藝術精品 商務禮贈

Qiuyue Happiness Tea Set
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Reiki equal confrontation quality light harmony

Remember how long ago was the last time you looked up at the beauty of the blue sky? The explosive information age has completely occupied and filled our five senses, leaving no room for breathing. Free yourself in time! Life has its own self-healing ability, and it also gives itself a large space, and the aura that floats in creates a completely relaxed soothing, allowing one to enjoy the tranquility, precipitation and letting go of the nature. Gradually, the shrouded haze was swept away.

In the Landscape Line series, Chunlan is inspired by the Taipei Basin. The body of the pot is decorated with curved petals, which means that the body of the pot is more freely spread out in the mountains. The harmonious style can dilute the emotions under the rigid business process of the urban standard. The towering base and the simple and natural spout bring out the sincerity and solemnity focused on the essence, and the exquisite beams that are precisely spanned are used to perfectly gather and condense the atmosphere.

Where there are no landscapes, this is the most desired imagery.

Take a sip, feel the agility from your hands, and tap the life instinct that arises from the bottom of your heart, which will reconcile the energy of life for you.

春嵐 茶具組 壺之意志 瓷器 禮贈

Chunlan tea set
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Confidence with pride and confidence, commitment to the sky

On the battlefield, the general with his head held high stands in front of his soldiers, showing his arrogance and ambition with a mighty attitude, commanding thousands of troops to gallop on the battlefield, his unrestrained spirit is soaring into the sky, and nothing can stop this direct force. The momentum of the rush. This is pride.

Pride is built on lofty aspirations, and his goals are lofty. Even in the face of all kinds of problems that are trivial, trivial, and obstructing progress, he can stretch out his hands and push boldly to sweep away the obstacles. , the arrogant is to take on the heavy responsibility of leading everyone forward, leading out new visions and hopes.

If you want to become a Honghu that can really spread its wings and fly high, you need more arrogance to soar into the sky. Don't be limited by procedures, standards, and regulations. Put your vision farther, give yourself higher ambitions, and be willing to stand up to take on heavy responsibilities. The awe-inspiring air of "I have everything on my shoulders" is not the sophistication of being pretentious and making progress by retreating. Only with this kind of magnanimity With a straightforward temperament can achieve responsible self-confidence.

The jue in the ancient Shang and Zhou dynasties were not only drinking cups, but bronze jue showed a more dignified and strong temperament. Inheriting the title from the image of Bronze Jue, the pot body of the imperial memory also adopts layer-by-layer arcs, extending upwards and outwards continuously, and the upward expansion is even more energetic. However, the straight down planes on both sides firmly and strongly support the main body of the heroic spirit, showing the heroic boldness and boldness, and also showing the confidence of standing up and taking responsibility.

帝國記憶 藝術精品 藝術瓷器 商務禮贈

imperial memory
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