Privacy Policy

Newchi respect and protect your privacy. To help you understand how we collect and process your information, please carefully read the privacy policy.


1. The privacy policy is applied to all service on Newchi website(register for courses and events, online membership, newsletter...etc.)and on phone, fax, and email communication.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

1. When you participate in events held by Newchi, we would ask you to provide necessary personal information. The information will not be used for other purposes without your permission. If you communicate with us by phone, fax or email, please provide your phone number, fax number or email address to receive our reply.

2. We will strictly follow the privacy policy when we process your personal information.

3. We may ask you to provide your personal information such as your name, occupation, company information, contact information and other necessary information in order to provide our services. Your personal information will only be used for purposes that have been specified. Your personal information might be collected when you:

・Subscribe to our newsletter

 ・Research on the website

 ・Participate in our online survey

 ・Request information about our products or services

・Register for an event

Your personal information is used for the following purposes:

 ・To provide requested products, services or information

 ・To notify you about products or services you may be interested in

・To improve our website or services

 ・To provide you with services you request or purchase, such as response, events, courses or software

・To notify you about our new products, sales or services

 ・To send promotion from a third party

・To tailor the website for your needs

・To help us create contents they might be relevant to you

 ・To help you get access to restricted areas on our website

 ・To contact you in order to give response

Third Party Privacy Policy

1. Newchi will not provide, exchange, lend or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private companies or government offices. We take the responsibility to supervise companies in charge of collection and use of your information. The privacy policy is not applicable in the following circumstances:

・To cooperate with enforceable legal process

 ・To cooperate with governmental request (e.g. The Audit Office)

・When disclosing your information is requested by the law

 ・When we need to seek legal action for any behaviors that might damage the reputation of our brand or infringe the rights of other users