Business Gifting & Commission Works

NewChi customizes each work with the combination of the concepts from the corporate mission, personal spirit, the brand image, and the exquisite craftsmanship, which deliver unlimited warmth to the receivers.

Pervious Projects


Celebration of the Rabbit Year

Sitting upright with a lifted head and chest, gracefully glancing sideways, full of boundless aspirations. The curve is simple and plump, and the demeanor is calm and confident, showing both delicate beauty and a contented elegance.

Painted with five blooming peonies, symbolizing "the arrival of the five blessings," representing wealth, auspiciousness, health, beauty, and friendship. The branches and leaves are sparse, the colors are lively, and the two dancing butterflies are a joyful welcome.

八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍設計創意白瓷 包含生活器皿、咖啡茶具、瓷偶、佛像 企業專案委託設計製作 皇家禮炮委託製作

Royla Salute

Praise from all around.

Resonating with the grandeur of the Royal Salute "King of Whisky" and highlighting the most precious Whisky collection with a blooming arc shape on both sides of the seat, the bottle is placed in the most noble position of the seat, showcasing authority and confidence.

八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍設計創意白瓷 包含生活器皿、咖啡茶具、瓷偶、佛像 企業專案委託設計製作 台灣菸酒公司委託

Taiwan Tobacco and Alcohol Company

The Wealth is Blessed by Heaven and Earth

The bottle is designed with inspiration from the topography of Taiwan's islands. The shape of the bottle resembles a full sail, exuding the confidence and courage of exploring the world.

八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍設計創意白瓷 包含生活器皿、咖啡茶具、瓷偶、佛像 企業專案委託設計製作 飛利浦委託設計刮鬍刀台座

Philips, Taiwan

On Stage

The inspiration for this project is an old Chinese saying, "One minute on stage, ten years of practice offstage", paying tribute to every man who takes every day seriously!

Dharma Drum Mountain

Avalokitesvara Buddha

Standing at 50cm tall, this is the first large-scale porcelain statue of Guanyin produced byNewChi Porcelain. Guanyin is seated on a lotus pedestal, holding a large wish-fulfilling bridge, with her right foot resting on the ground, as if ready to guide all beings at any time. The white texture of the statue is highlighted by the illumination of light, emphasizing the divine and flawless nature of the statue.

Luzhou Laojiao


The 60th Anniversary Limited Edition bottle features 60 waves on both sides to represent the 60 years that have passed.

The 60 years of glory are encompassed in the white porcelain art with the strength of a mountain that accommodates the softness and ever-changing nature of water. It embodies the era and style of the wine culture and the warm affection of respecting heaven and loving people.

"Custom-made is the creation according to the conditions. It is developed under specific will and requirements. The invisible conditions required by the creator seek appropriate corresponding images in their own experience and expertise, create something out of nothing, and provide concrete fulfillment."

- Heinrich Wang

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