The nostalgia of the noble kiln, the realization of modern eastern aesthetics.

With a romantic sentiment and a steadfast dedication to our initial aspirations, we always hold on to our passion for pursuing the ultimate excellence.

We strive not only for the best, but also for uniqueness, embodying the contemporary essence of ceramics through exquisite craftsmanship.

- Heinrich Wang, Founder of NewChi Porcelain


Brand Story

Porcelain craftsmanship started maturing during the late Eastern Han Dynasty, which is about 1800 years ago. Its beauty and form have remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, with its simple chimney-shaped cylindrical design remaining constant. While other materials have followed aesthetic trends in various artistic movements, porcelain has remained stagnant.

This traditional industry has now become a passive subcontracting factory, and looking back at its past glory, it does indeed ignite our passion to do something.

In order to create a new height in porcelain history and break free from the limitations of its design, in 2003, led by artist Heinrich Wang, we set sail from Taipei, disregarding the dangers posed by high temperature shrinkage, cracking, and softening deformation of porcelain clay. With the spirit of "not only the best, but also unique," we hopeing to embark on a revolutionary era of porcelain exploration from the perspectives of aesthetics, fashion, and joyful living.

八方新氣藝術白瓷 琉璃大師王俠軍設計陶瓷茶具 如意高飛

Let the heart follow the atmosphere

Shaping an evolved lifestyle with urban contentment

Using objects to find meaning in life, starting with a teapot and bringing about self-awareness in the modern world. It is essential to carefully consider the consciousness of "I am here" and the taste of "I have" .

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Strive not only for the best, but also for uniqueness.


Due to the fate of high temperature porcelainization and densification of porcelain clay, as well as phenomena such as shrinkage, cracking, softening, and deformation, the development of porcelain shaping is limited, making it difficult to keep up with the changing rhythms of beauty in the so-called contemporary era. Besides classical elegance, what other beauties does porcelain have?

Therefore, it is hoped that the simple and soft traditional form of porcelain can be supplemented with a moderate and resolute innovative force, so that the values and ethics of the cultural core of yin and yang coexisting in softness and hardness can also be embodied in the world of porcelain.

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A Breakthrough Story

Heritage and Innovation

Since the maturity of porcelain craftsmanship in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the beauty of porcelain has always been centered around the only standards of classical (Song), elegant (Ming), and gorgeous (Qing).

NewChi Porcelain has overcome the challenges of porcelain shrinking, cracking, and softening deformation under 1300 degrees Celsius, allowing porcelain to restore its original sensuous and gentle beauty and inject simple and neat confident imagery. This epoch-making breakthrough of combining strength and softness links porcelain with the times and dialogue with space, providing different experiences in life.

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Imparting moral principles through objects

Poetic Meanings

The works of NewChi Porcelain reflect cultural and emotional blessings in their form, imagery, and decoration. Collecting or gifting them both hold profound meanings.

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八方新氣頂級白瓷品牌 王俠軍設計瓷器 包裝嚴謹

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Safe and Elegant

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“Chi” (meaning “energy” in Chinese) while invisible, it can be felt tangibly. As the flowers bloom and the trees grow, all things are flowing with vitality. And as the observer, we can feel this liveliness from the world around us. Art creation is about capturing ‘chi’, and manifesting this impressive natural energy to our everyday lives.”

- Heinrich Wang, Founder of NewChi,