The nostalgia of The noble, the realization of aesthetics

NewChi is dedicated to bringing New “Chi” (氣, Chinese word for energy), by creating New “Chi” (器, Chinese word for wares)

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【新氣園】 八方新氣新文化據點 現已開幕

八方新氣文化新據點【新氣園】正式開幕,聚集文化藝術、美學探索和創新熱情,是充滿時代能量的瓷器品味平臺。特別策劃「又見北投-都會斟酌」展揭幕,邀請與北投有地緣的老中青三代,以創作以 勞作,共同訴說北投的故事,更讓大家又見魅力的北投。

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Design Element

The metaphysical intellectual reflection and metaphysical sensory tastes set the creative thinking orientation and bring out individual different tastes and styles.

The volumetric singing, the melody of the lines, and the new works of all directions resonate the noble feelings of the world with the elegant and simple design frequency.

Johnny Tuan, Chairman of the Rock Record

Listen, the ancient soul reverberates in history. Awareness, the mind of this age, hesitates in loneliness. NewChi is the answer from history to present.

Ren-Lu Yao, CEO of dX Group

Heinrich Wang transforms life appliances into dynamic artworks incorporating eastern philosophy. Porcelain as a form is just an appliance, but metaphysically, it seeks changes and breakthroughs.

Yi-Hsian Hsu, Founder/Secretary-general of Chinese Pu-erh Tea Association


Heinrich Wang is one of the very first artists to devote himself to contemporary art glass and to promote art glass culture and relevant industries on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and in four regions. With determination to revive Chinese porcelain art, Heinrich Wang created “NewChi” in 2003.

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