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Why are most of the NewChi porcelain white?

In the past, porcelain was adorned with colors, and patterns to create its magnificent and elegant beauty. Heinrich Wang , however, uses light, structure, layers, and artistic conception to create a modern and confident aesthetic. He injects the past emotional and gentle imagery of porcelain with an intellectual and robust beauty, completing an epoch-making innovation from the ground up.

This change took many years of research and development by NewChi Porcelain o achieve, because high-temperature firing causes porcelain clay to shrink and soften, making each piece a challenge of craftsmanship.
NewChi Porcelain's goal is to allow porcelain "stand up" for itself in a completely new style. Through Wang's unique design and manufacturing techniques, porcelain is no longer presented simply as a plain cylinder or with surface color.

Before the 17th century, white porcelain astonished European royalty and was referred to as "white gold." Today, NewChi Porcelain uses exquisite craftsmanship to thoroughly unlock the constraints on the shape of porcelain that have lasted for thousands of years, reviving the glorious history of this "white gold" and writing a mark on the times. Laozi said, "Great white appears humble." Following this broad-minded and humble life philosophy, with sleek and handsome styling, "white" is not only a color but also an attitude and culture. "White" is spotless, dignified, and light-hearted, and the sleek lines and lively fashion sense brought by the shape are the starting point for NewChi Porcelain's desired happiness and joy.

Why did Heinrich Wang start creating porcelain art?

Porcelain is a proud part of Chinese cultural heritage, and it once dominated the world economy for six centuries. But at some point, it has become the largest outsourcing factory and consumer market for porcelain.

Mr. Wang hopes to inject vitality into this long-standing traditional industry with the spirit of "not only the best, but also unique" based on his experience in glassmaking. He aims to revive the golden age of porcelain with innovative creativity and craftsmanship that keep up with the times.
In addition, porcelain is the most familiar and accessible material in our daily lives. Wang hopes to elevate culture and taste in life through innovation.

Is it repairable in case of damage?

Porcelain cannot be fully repaired, there are professional repair techniques available in the market, but there will still be traces left. Heinrich Wang once wrote an article "Supreme Virtue of Fragility " describing why he chose to use fragile materials such as glass and porcelain for his creations. Heinrich Wang mentioned that because they are easy to break, it slows down people's pace while interacting with these types of median.

Slowing down allows us to appreciate and savor the beauty of live. And this sense of appreciation gradually extends to the treatment of the people, things, and environment around us.

The "Kintsugi repair" course is a traditional technique that uses lacquer to repair damaged or broken objects (including porcelain). NewChi periodically offers this course, inviting NewChi members to experience the joy of handcrafting and cherishing their possessions. If you are interested, please email b2b2@new-chi.com for inquiries.

Are there any other artwork options besides those displayed on the website?

We have galleries in Taipei and Taichung. While our website mainly showcases small and everyday items, we have many other pieces available for viewing at our galleries. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

Gallery information

What are the preventive measures for collectibles in the event of an earthquake?

Design-wise, the stability of our works is always taken into consideration. However, just to be safe, when positioning the work, we recommend customers to usemouting putty to secure it.

Is it safe to use in the dishwasher?

Our products are not suitable for use in a dishwasher. Due to their unique shape, we recommend washing them by hand.

What is the suggested cleaning and maintenance method for the NewChi porcelain?

After use, it is recommended to clean the porcelain as soon as possible to avoid stains drying and becoming difficult to clean.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers.
It is recommended to use a soft brush or sponge for cleaning.

Please wash the porcelain separately from metal utensils to avoid scratching the glaze.

When storing, place paper towels or padding between the porcelain items to prevent scratching.

For more information, please click here.

Is it possible to make a private group visit appointment?

非常歡迎團體預約參訪,請e-mail b2b2@new-chi.com,將由專人為您安排服務。

Can NewChi pieces shipped oversea?
We can ship NewChi artwork overseas. Due to the need for careful packaging, overseas shipping costs need to be calculated separately by a specialist. Please EMAIL to info@new-chi.com or clickhere to choose a contact method. A specialist will assist you.

Other Questions?

Contact us at info@new-chi.com or TEL +886 2 2896-8209. We will get back to you ASAP.

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