Thank you for your interest in Newchi. Here we have compiled some frequently asked questions. If your have other queries, please contact us anytime.

· Why are most of the NewChi porcelain products white?

Our focus is the soul rather than the surface. This change took Newchi years of development. Porcelain contracts and softens in high temperature, so every piece of Newchi work is a challenge of craft. Porcelains of Newchi designed by Heinrich Wang stands for themselves, and their uniqueness is not presented by colors or patterns.

Heinrich Wang considers living people in the space the most important. White is the most serene and simple color. It fits in every kind of environment. Inside containers, fruits, flowers and nutrient foods are the main roles. Any colors accompanied by white appear more vibrant.

Before the 17th century, white porcelain described as “white gold” in Europe fascinated aristocrats in both the east and the west, influencing lifestyles and trades all over the world. Today,Newchi is reviving the golden age with its excellent quality and innovative shapes. Inspired by the philosophy of Lao Tzu, with neat shapes, white does not only represent a color, but the attitude and culture. White is unpolluted and light, imparting a burdenless feeling, while the stylish shapes present the dynamic aesthetics. The expectation to bring delight is the starting point of Newchi.

· Why did Henrich Wang start creating porcelain art?

Porcelain is a craft we are proud of in our culture. In the 18th century, Europeans that did not have the ability to produce porcelain referred to it as “white gold”. However, the porcelain market has now been dominated by old European and Japanese brands. The porcelain industry, like many other industries, has been replaced by manufacture or even on the verge of disappearance. Heinrich Wang hopes to utilize his experience with crystal glass to reestablish and reform the traditional industry, and help traditional crafts keep up with the new trend, developing new styles and new audiences.

Porcelain is the most accessible material in our life. Heinrich Wang aspires to enrich people’s lives with porcelain they are familiar with.

· Is porcelain repairable?

Porcelain cannot be repaired completely. Advanced repair technology does exist in the market, but it still leaves traces. Heinrich Wang once wrote an article “The Beauty of Fragments”, addressing why he chose fragile materials like crystal glass and porcelain. He indicates that because they break easily, they remind him to slow down and cherish them.

Kintsugi is the traditional art of repairing damaged appliances (including porcelain) with paint. Newchi provides courses on Kintsugi from time to time. Members are invited to enjoy the craft.

· Are there other more works than on the website?

We have galleries in both Taipei and Taichung. Products on the website are mainly life appliances small and medium in size. We have many other works which you can see in our galleries.

· Are the porcelains dishwasher safe?

We do not recommend putting Newchi porcelains into dishwashers. We recommend cleaning it by hand because of the uniqueness of their shapes.

· What can I do to prevent damages caused by earthquakes?

We recommend using sticky tack to keep the porcelains in position.