Order Placement 

1. Please add products to the cart and click on "checkout". Follow the steps to place an order and the confirmation mail will be sent to your Email. If the payment is not made within the due time, the order will be automatically canceled. Please place the order again if you would still like to purchase the products.

2. We would have to cancel the order under the following circumstances:

A. The product is out of stock.

B. We could not get authorization of your payment.

C. The price or details of the product are incorrect.

D. The qualification of purchase stated in terms and conditions is not fulfilled.

※The order is set up once the products are shipped to the assigned address.

The receipt will be sent to your billing address. If you need us to include a title on the receipt, please contact:


1. We accept bank transfer and credit cards. To ensure your safety, the website will lead you to the third-party payment processor PAYNOW. Please confirm your information and complete the process after receiving the confirmation code. We accept VISA/Master/JCB. If the process is not completed, the order will be canceled and cannot be reset. Please place the order again if you would still like to purchase.

2. We accept credit cards issued in Taiwan. We do not accept cash, checks, gift cards or coupons on our online shop. Please make sure the order information is correct and valid. All prices are in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD). If you use credit cards not issued in Taiwan, the exchange rate is determined by the issuer. There might be transaction fees.