虎年作品 達觀系列

虎年作品 達觀系列

2022 虎力全開!


都會斟酌 探索品飲新體驗

都會斟酌 探索品飲新體驗


Cup & Saucer

Transforming Daily Rituals into Meaningful and Memorable Moments. Innovative sculptural designs enhance the tea/ coffee drinking experience – from pouring to tasting. 

“Symbolizing our passion for savoring life, and a reminder not to be paralyzed by inertia” – Heinrich Wang



From the fresh feeling of shape and function, it brings out a new experience of visual and touch. 

This series includes fruit bowls, porcelain boxes, ornaments, flowers, money boxes, candle holders, book stalls and other ornaments that are suitable for quiet viewing and use.


Ease at home

NewChi builds you a tranquil accommodation. Whether in the city or nature, a pot with a cup can guide you to the aspect of freedom and grace.



Mr. Wang has described his designs as “the symbols of exploring passion in life, and a reminder not to be paralyzed by inertia.” NewChi hopes the hidden message behind each figurines brings/ reminds joy and positivity in everyday life.


Fruit Bowl Collection

Catering the fondness of nature, tastes and colors is what Heinrich Wang intended. Different from average plates, the set enhances the freshness and sweetness of life.

Mountain and River Tea Set Collection

The design of the teapot draws on nature, with the unique handles conveying the whimsy of drifting clouds, rainbows, and mountain, while retaining a touch of elegance.


Scent of Coffee

Create every sweet moment. Even it is a cup of tea or coffee, these containers give explorations for time, create passion for life, and boost tastes for growth.

"When the purpose of drinking coffee becomes professional and standardized, I still prefer the enamel pot with the aroma of coffee from my childhood.My father was particular about drinking coffee. When living in Yonghe District, he used to purchase the freshly grind coffee beans from NanMay Café. Hot water boils the warmth of coffee, then taste it slowly with a spoon of condensed milk. Most important of all, coffee without refills is already enough for its fragrance.(Aesthetic Creation, Heinrich Wang)


Work from Home

Adding a little NewChi (new energy) in your working space. 

Inspiration cultivates wisdom and creation – transforming the everyday to tools for success – from thought provoking pen holders to inviting name card holders to calming incense holders - refined porcelain brings delight to your desktop and busy life.

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