Shipping & Packaging


1. Artworks of Newchi are all packaged with handmade boxes and bags. We fill the boxes with cushioning materials before shipping to ensure the security during the shipping process.

2. Packages include handmade boxes, ribbons, brand bags, warranty card, artwork design card. Cushioning materials include Styrofoam, bubble wraps and corrugated cases.


1. The order is officially placed when the payment is completed. We will ship the products to the appointed address within three workdays (weekends and holidays are not included). We do not accept orders from offshore islands temporarily. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. Because porcelain is fragile, we will check the condition of the products and take photos and inform you. Please check the products as soon as you receive them. We will request compensation from the shipping company if the products are damaged during the shipping process.

2. We offer the following shipping options:

NTD $150 for orders under NTD $5000

NTD $190 for orders from NTD $5000 to NTD $10000

Free shipping for orders over NTD$ 10000

The products will arrive within approximately 7 workdays. Workdays are from Monday to Friday. Weekends and holidays are not included.