NewChi Garden- A Porcelain Space

By presenting different works, manuscripts, pictures, and molds within the space, visitors can witness the historical transformation of porcelain. From the breakthroughs in craftsmanship, the construction of aesthetics, to the exploration of life. A completely different interpretation of porcelain is presented here, we can see how it has evolved from the traditional, classical, gorgeous, and elegant figure to a confident and concise urban posture, and vibrantly entered the era of urban charm.

Welcome to NewChi Garden

NewChi Garden

  • Discover the Possibilities of Porcelain

    Explore various aspects of porcelain through different display areas.

  • Craftsmanship

    A craft explanation area is specially set up to explore the exquisite craftsmanship behind each piece of work of NewChi.

  • Modern Tea Ceremony

    Modern Tea Ceremony Display Learn More
  • Outdoor Space

    New "Chi" Everywhere
  • NewChi Event

    Events and activities are hosted regularly, welcome to inquire.

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