"Foresight" Period

Observing the past: Learning from the past to gain new insights, paying tribute to the resilience and perseverance of the ancestors who crafted these objects.

Reflecting on the present: Keeping up with the times, reorganizing and connecting with today's imagery, and continuing the cultural evolution of passing down the excellent genetic traits.

Envisioning the future: Striving for excellence and continuously writing the era's imprint through aesthetic cultural craftsmanship, aspiring to inherit and innovate for generations to come.

Through observing the past, reflecting on the present, and envisioning the future, we hope to have a clear interpretation of observing and envisioning, exploring new horizons in porcelain craftsmanship, and showcasing contemporary elegance. This series uses a confident gaze that never backs down, with a resolute and vigilant eye to encourage future generations to have a far-reaching vision and a sense of mission. Using the majestic image of ancient bronze vessels, the past magnificence reflects the bright future ahead, conveying the warm wishes of successive generations, and reshaping the new meaning of porcelain art.

was collected by Nation Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 觀遠系列

Collected by National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

Hui Dragon Vase

Eight classic handles of Hui dragons, which were auspicious animal in ancient times. It represents the greatest empire, reminding people to remember ancestor's honor and glory, to make a better future.

Tao Tie Vase

Inspired by a traditional wine vessel from West Zhou Dynasty, Zun, this modern vase is accompanied by the handles in the form of Tao Tie. The tao tie signifies striding forward and steadily with enthusiasm. L33.2xW25.7xH42cm
八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 觀遠系列

The Four Happiness in Life

It is not just a blessing for prosperity and good luck but also a human joy of contentment. The work aims to capture a proud and free-spirited aesthetic, presenting a clear and elegant style in a grand and solemn image, exuding confidence and gracefulness in action.

The work uses a rigorous and dignified vessel shape to carry this beautiful abstract concept as a lucky symbol in cultural customs. We hope that this blessing will not only be enjoyed passively but also pursued actively with an innovative spirit to fully develop the fundamental abilities of action and execution.

八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 人間四喜系列
八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 人間四喜系列

Bats of Luck

In the shape of a "Zun", an ancient Chinese ritual wine vessel , thiS vase, with the bulbous central section supported on a spreading foot, is decorated by stylized window frames with two facing bats, the symbols of luck. L27.3 x W27.3 x H37.5cm

Elephants of Happiness

Exquisitely carved in the form of an archaic "Spring vase", the elegantly curved slender vessel, this vase is casted with the motif of the character Xi (Happiness) and the lower body flanked by a pair of elephant-head loop handles suspending loose lobed rings. L27.9 x W21.4 x H35.1cm
八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 人間四喜系列
八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 人間四喜系列

Solemn Etiquette

The process of discovering the possibilities of porcelain has been marked by a series of breakthroughs in production and manufacturing techniques, reminiscent of the achievements of ancient master craftsmen. By studying the spirit of these craftsmen while facing the technological challenges and building on their legacy, Wang pays tribute to their ingenuity with his innovative use of porcelain as a material. Through a comparison of ancient and modern techniques, Wang has overcome the difficulties of the craft, transforming the deep and somber tone of Shang and Zhou bronze ware into a bright and confident expression with elegant lines and regal poise. Despite the revolutionary transformation of Wang's porcelain creations, they still embody the timeless essence of Chinese culture.

was collected by National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

Collected by National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

Supreme Moderation

Balancing the inheritance and innovation of culture spanning from the past to the present, it advances with times and carrys on the spirit of harmony. Moderation the constant pursuit of perfection with self-discipline and meticulosity. L45xW32xH53.8cm

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