Tea ceremony is one of the most important heritages in the Chinese culture. Over the past century, we have moved from the courtyard of the rural countryside to the high-rise buildings of the city. The intensity, hardness and curvature of life consciousness and aesthetic experience are completely different.

Many fields have kept pace with the modern days, and synchronously create a suitable style of the times. However, the style of tea ceremony has not evolved other time. The limitation of porcelain craftsmanship  has been a bottleneck that traps people's innovative imagination.

after overcoming the changelogs of porcelain making process, we here at NewChi hopes to reflect on the changes of time and space to find a new style for the modern tea ceremony. 

都會斟酌 當代白瓷演藝時尚午茶風情

Therefore, I have the following idea as a means of breaking the problem. The original linear and continuous complete image corresponds to the fragmented rhythm and paragraphs of the current fragment, the simplicity and intimacy correspond to precise intellectuality, the elegance of the book corresponds to the delicacy of business and industry, and the dark and euphemism corresponds to the high-light geometry. . . In order to taste the contemporary style of drinking style, we will examine the issues of coffee, afternoon tea and tea art in different categories, and carry out hardware transformation and software transformation from the aspects of fashion awareness, image recognition, spatial dialogue, technological texture, five senses experience and individual design... to explore new experiences in the drinking era.

First of all, a large number of modern materials are used, such as stainless steel, glass, acrylic and other elements that were rarely used in the past, and the tea banquet stage is laid out to reflect the light and shadow tone of the space . The grouping of paragraphs expresses the phenomenon of the times when the information is scattered and scattered, that is, individual and grouping, with the colorful beating of modern poetry, to grasp the returning situation in modern time and space.

都會斟酌 時尚茶席

And the shape of the vessel is the point, it is the center of consideration. The pot, raised the high platform and narrowed the circle foot, shows the outward tension of the pot body and the sense of ritual. The handle that rises along the body of the pot and forms a circle is different from the friendly convenience of the previous modeling functions. With the introverted spout, it seems to be natural and natural. It concentrates the image with a condensed chain and brings out the respectful feeling of tea. Delicately and contentedly, he composes the sophistication and solemnity that the people will respect each other as a guest and socialize, and truly play a new movement for each issue.

The cup, in addition to its function, brings out a pleasant and happy romance with a lively and agile shape. They stand on a minimalist stage, isolate the disturbance, enjoy solitude, feel the beauty of modern delicacy and simplicity from the visual touch and meaning, and then drink poetic imagination.

"Urban Consideration" interprets the evolution of this context from the shaping of the situation and the variation of the shape of the vessel, reflecting the process of history with white porcelain with the semantics of the times, hoping that the flavor of the times and the city can be tasted by fluid, and also provide users with modern life A new approach to aesthetic perception. understand more

Event time: 2021/12/20-2022/1/15 (available every Thursday-Sunday)

Venue: Bafang Xinqi Xinqi Garden ( No. 16, Lane 515, Section 4, Zhongyang North Road, Beitou District, Taipei City )

In order to promote the aesthetics of life and the new culture of drinking, "City Consideration" contemporary white porcelain interprets the fashionable afternoon tea style . In order to promote the aesthetics of life, 20 people are specially open for free. Please fill in the GOOGLE form first, and a special person will contact you to confirm the appointment. (full)

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