NewChi MasterWork Collection

Believe in the traditional value of ingenious craftsmanship,
tempered by the intense heat of 1,300 degrees,
aspiring to reach the pinnacle of Eastern porcelain, and demonstrating the confidence of the East in a new era.
The posture of "Standing firm" is not only essential but also dignified for both life and the times.

-Founder Heinrich Wang

The nostalgia of the noble kiln, the realization of modern eastern aesthetics.

  • Culture

    Porcelain are no longer limited to classical, gorgeous, and elegant tastes. After combining with the context of modern urban style and technology's concise, the traditional solemnity becomes even more magnificent.

    These porcelains break through the traditional beauty of porcelain, keep pace with the times, and perfectly reflect and integrate the experience of different intensities, hardness, and speed brought by the changes of the times. They stand tall, magnanimous, and magnificent, demonstrating a brand new vision of porcelain culture.

  • History

    These works are exemplary in their cultural heritage, still dignified and elegant, and in the balance of softness and firmness, they demonstrate the confidence of the times and culture. They transcend the category of "vase", unprecedentedly, with the "dynamic charm" of aesthetics, conveying the path through the vessel, and porcelain becomes a carrier for the interpretation of human emotions. They lift effortlessly and add a beautiful new footnote to the history of national craft porcelain in Taiwan with a reconstructive approach.

  • Craftsmanship

    These works challenge the craft, overcoming the fate of high-temperature porcelain clay becoming brittle, shrinking, cracking, and deforming. From then on, porcelain is no longer limited to monotonous, round, and closed cylindrical cavities. This is a long-awaited breakthrough and transformation, and it carries not only the thoughts of the creators but also the perseverance of day and night research and development.

    It changes the perspective of the craft that has remained unchanged for thousands of years and reveals new potential in porcelain aesthetics and industry.

  • Aesthetics

    Wang abandons the traditional porcelain decoration methods of color, brushwork, and patterns, and instead uses the composition of light and shadow to create a completely contemporary and resolute aesthetic for the original round and graceful imagery. Following the fundamental proposition of "object" in porcelain, he inherits the past and initiates the future, combining the sensuous and reserved elegance with the intellectual and bold fortitude. This powerful imprint of the times advances the history of white porcelain to a new level.

Heinrich Wang's Masterwork


NewChi Period

"Stand" out to a new height of the era.

With a bold and confident image as a declaration and symbol of revitalizing traditional craftsmanship, these works, within the framework of the traditional form of utensils, utilize their own body compression or cutting variations and various supporting structures to excavate and shape porcelain with unprecedented expressions and lines. They stand resolutely, showing the confident style of the times. In short, with magnificent charm, they stand tall and wave the banner of innovation, hoping to revitalize porcelain.

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八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 鳳鳴八方系列


"Nobleman" Period

Balances strength and softness.

The beauty is characterized by being frank, balanced, and harmonious. The piece displays a sense of introspection, stretching with ease and leveraging strength, deriving willpower from within and showcasing a self-sufficient and free-spirited attitude. The first-time combination of intellectual planes and emotional bottle bodies creates a balance between strength and softness, providing a new posture of visual and tactile abstract ethics of human beauty, and revealing the spiritual essence of a warm-hearted portrait.
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八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 觀遠系列


"Foresight" period

Observing the distance, also introspecting.

Internalizing the standing posture as a vital value in life, aspiring for the integration and refinement of the Tao and the vessel beyond the limits of form, which is the dialectical result of deconstruction and reconstruction. Thus, continuing to move forward with the aesthetic belief of calm self-discipline and introspection, redefining new artistic conception within the scope of self-form.

At this point, breaking away from the delicate and fragile imagery of porcelain, using the contrast of up and down, wide and narrow, virtual and solid, thick and thin to support the grandeur of voluminous forms. Through the intricate historical patterns, reflecting the context of beauty in heroic risk-taking, linking the past and present, aspiring to interpret the confident pattern of cultural hardness and temperament in a new posture.

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"Unity" Period

Unity is strength

At this period, all the images are brought together, the "upright" posture is constructed to be more serene, and the "chi" is expanded to express and connect horizontally.

Through the work, the process of porcelain innovation and the story of collaborative partners are recorded, showing the unity and hard work, and shaping a new realm of vessel spirit with a more free and lively charm. Traditional and elegant elements are brought into the towering jungle of urban architecture, overlapping and moving in a colorful rhythm, coexisting and flourishing, hoping to form a new order and path in the context of porcelain culture.

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No matter from which perspective one approaches the creation of porcelain, whether it is the surface colors, or the structural transformation at the core, it must present a contemporary imprint that keeps pace with the times, giving the viewer a sense of reality of the present. In terms of "interaction", it must be able to surpass traditional design concepts, emphasizing beauty and functionality, allowing users to experience the richness of life's pleasures through the pleasant texture and imagery of porcelain, and awaken the long-dormant sensory perception, which is a deep self-expectation.

- Heinrich Wang