The "upright posture" is the representation of solemnity in etiquette. Upright posture (站相) is attached the meaning of responsibility, sincerity and modesty. With the combination of balance and and the new concept of "Chi", Newchi has revolutionized the form of porcelain, creating new styles while resonating with the spirituality of the tradition. Robert Finlay, Professor at the University of Arkansas, explores the role of porcelain from an international perspective in his book The Pilgrim Art-Cultures of Porcelain in World History. Chinese porcelain had stood out in the 3rd century and maintained its reputation for the next 500 years, attaining fondness among aristocrats all over the world . Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, western porcelain that combines industry and craft has developed rapidly and had significant influence on the contemporary porcelain market. From glass to porcelain, Henrich Wang has been recognized internationally for his originality that defies traditional forms of Chinese porcelain while representing the contemporary oriental porcelain art.

Upright posture- the essentiality and dignity of life and the time

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