Heinrich Wang is the first artists to be devoted to contemporary art glass and to promote art glass culture and relevant industries on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and in four regions. With determination to revive Chinese porcelain art, Heinrich Wang created “NewChi”in 2003. He undertook the conventional dignity and elegance of Chinese porcelain and combined it with the new imagery of contemporary art and linguistics to reinterpret the glory of porcelain in a new era! Each of his works is infused with rich humanistic sentiment, confidence, and positive artistic conception.

With 16 years of research, development and creativity, Heinrich Wang enjoyed breakthroughs from the confines of round and enclosed body shape of porcelain, a monotonous shape after all in the past 1800 years since the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Taken to heart what’s expected of him “Not only the best, but the only”, Heinrich Wang is a pioneer of China’s contemporary art of porcelain, which unveiled once again the pride of great ethnic arts and crafts since the time of Qing Dynasty.