The possibility of porcelain is limited by technique. 

Traditionally porcelain design has been limited by manufacturing constraints – as the porcelain cools, deformation and contraction during the vitreous and densification processcan occur, leading to significant shrinkage (15%) and resulting in broken porcelain.

NewChi’s team looked across Europe and Asia for a manufacturing partner, however they could not find a partner who could consistently make NewChi’s sophisticated designs.

NewChi has built a dream team of artisans, who with innovation and know-how, have built the in-house capability to manufacture beautiful, delicate yet strong porcelain that feels “lighter than white”.

With many years of R&D, NewChi overcomes the physical characteristics of the porcelain, the 15% shrinkage and deformation when heated.

NewChi processed deconstruction and reconstruction to integrate image of modernity, the spirit of a culture, the atmosphere of fashion and the touching story into every work's originality; henceforth, porcelain have new meaning of point, line and plane and a whole new style.