1993 Founder Heinrich Wang began to envision his dream of creating "modern porcelain”, with early sketches of his first porcelain art works. He traveled around Taiwan and Japan to find a potential porcelain manufacturing partner. The world-renowned Japanese porcelain manufacturer Nikko developed the first prototypes of his works.


1994-2003 Heinrich Wang co-founded Tittot, the leading crystal glass brand – his award-winning designs are in museum collections around the world. In 2003, Tittot became the first cultural and creative industry company to be publicly listed in Taiwan. While Wang focused on mastering crystal and building Tittot during this period, he quietly continued to develop his concepts for porcelain.


2003 NewChi was incorporated in 2003, as Heinrich Wang embarked on his next challenge to modernize Chinese porcelain. To manufacture his intricate and innovative designs, Wang built the most modern porcelain manufacturing studio and factory from the ground up.


2006 The first collection of NewChi porcelain officially launches along with a successful exhibition in Howard Plaza Hotel in downtown Taipei.

2008-2010  "Auspicious Dragon" was collected by the United States Library of Congress. “Songs of the Phoenix” collection was exhibited and collected by Taiwan Museum of History. In March 2010, NewChi was invited to hold exhibitions in Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe, and Kyoto.

NewChi’s poreclain becomes a popular choice for diplomatic gifts – including to the Mayor of Shanghai, and the Representative of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits.

•2011-2012 Pop singer Lady Gaga was given "Open to the World", a porcelain art piece designed by Heinrich Wang and commissioned by Taichung City Government in 2011. Mr. Wang was invited by Taiwan’s Palace Museum to create the "Scent of Qing" Collection.


2013 Presidential Culture Award, commissioned by President of Taiwan, Ma Ying-Jiu. “Lighter than White” exhibition at La Triennale di Milano (2013). 

2016 Prince Gong‘s Mansion exhibition in Beijing. 

2018 Hong-Gah Museum exhibition in Taipei.

2019 “Timeless・Prosperity” exhibition at Shanghai History Museum. “The Vitality of Life” artwork was given to the Mayor of Shanghai by the Mayor of Taipei.

2020 “Supreme Moderation", "The Rising Sun", "The Ascending Moon”, and "Hui Dragon Vase” were collected by the National Craft Research and Development Institute. (2020)

2021 “Simply White- Heinrich Wang’s Porcelain Art” exhibition at the National Craft Research and Development Institute. (2021)
2021 NewChi Garden opened