Gift Wrapping

The gift-giving customs that have been passed down for thousands of years have gradually formed a unique art of gift-giving. There are established thoughts for what occasions, when, and to whom to give gifts. It not only emphasizes the etiquette but also conveys meaning. Gift-giving has become an art that conveys good intentions, strengthens relationships, and expresses blessings through the act of giving.


NewChi Porcelain Gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping

NewChi Porcelain carefully designed elegant and effective protective packaging so that the products and gifts you purchase from NewChi can be delivered intact and satisfying to the recipient.

Our products are packaged in orange handmade boxes or white and gold colored boxes with the NewChi Porcelain logo, adorned with brown or gold ribbons to add a sense of nobility. All of our products are carefully packaged and protected to minimize the risk of damage.

Most NewChi Porcelain art pieces can be seen the moment you open the box lid, hoping that the recipient will feel surprised and appreciate the sender's thoughtfulness when they open the box.


NewChi Greeting Card (Blank)

If you need a to leave a message with the gift when purchasing online, please indicate it in the remarks. We will have your message on NewChi orange greeting card along with the item.

  • Orange handmade giftbox

  • 八方新氣白瓷藝術品白 萬用卡可附贈

    NewChi blank card

  • White and gold paper box

  • 八方新氣藝術瓷器 木頭與壓克力底座訂製

    Customized Wood or Acrylic Stand

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