Attitude of Life in a Container

Philosopher Gu Yanwu in the end of Ming Dynasty proposed the idea “attitude of life in a container”. The focus of containers is not only its functions, but the depiction of one’s will. The experience we have with various porcelain containers can be transformed into attitudes of life.

Vigorous Feature of “Chi”

The most important element of craft is the vigorous flow of “chi”. “Chi” is invisible but real to the senses. Art creation captures the flow of “chi”. “Chi” brings about peace, simplicity and vitality, providing delight and energy to the body and the mind, and people and self.

Developing Taste from Objects

Life appliances are able to display one’s personality and taste. Taste is the ability to interpret things. Through learning, taste is established, and shown on the personality. “Chi” connects people and porcelain and forms the aesthetics of appliances. The focus of Newchi is the abstract taste and the exploration of life.

Aesthetics of Song and Ming Dynasty

In traditional styles with modern features, the simplicity of Song is made more vibrant, and the delicacy of Ming is made more passionate, displaying a whole new oriental understated luxury. With accurate crafting skills, well-developed ideas and elegant forms, the exquisiteness of porcelain is unprecedented.

Design Elements of Newchi


To break free from traditional forms with excellent craftsmanship, and to create work the fits the age.


Based on ideas of modern life, to connect objects and self and bring delight to life.


To pioneer and set an example for the age, reinterpreting the elegance of traditions and turning a new page for porcelain art.


To construct the aesthetics of “chi” that gives a sense of ease to the body, the mind and the soul.


To incorporate time-transgressive aesthetics into modern ideology of humanity, from which people perceive the profundity of life.