Father's Day Gift Picks

Give thanks to the heroes in your life!

Pass on blessings and respect to Dad with the new creativity, craftsmanship and poetry of NewChi. A selection of artful creations for coffee cups or tea set, offering soulful Father's Day gifts for dads of all styles.

Pick one: For dads who pay attention to lifestyle 

Newchi outlines the meticulous and precise lines of the " Ballet " coffee cup and plate set.


Featured two: for funny dad

Usually a gourd, It turned out to be a cup! The work " Haoyue " makes people smile. The flipped coffee cup can't be placed just anywhere, because the bottom is pointed, you must respect this cup and put it back in place, The fun-filled design is a great art gift option for dads who like surprises. There is also a " Haoyue Jin Yu Man Tang " version.


Featured three: For dads who pay attention to ritual

The repeated lines in the work " Memories of the Empire " are like the layers of pillars in the temple creating a solemn atmosphere. Picking up the handle is a "pinch" method, just like the way of holding the cup of orthodox English afternoon tea is to hold the ear of the cup with the index finger and thumb and gently pick it up. The design of the plate adds a "cup holder", which adds an "alignment" step between lifting and lowering. Teacher Wang Xiajun is writing "The Will of a Teapot" " Being cautious makes the state of mind have a solemn sense of ritual. 

There are also " Memories of Empires Square Edition " and " Memories of Empires Long Edition "

Featured four: Dad who likes to hang out with friends

Meeting people is like two clouds meeting in the sky full of chance and coincidence, This work is inspired by clouds. The gathering of friends and family members from all over the world is like a gathering of clouds from all directions. 


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