On Dragon Boat Festival, presenting a gift to wish you peace and health.

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the festival of the dragon, is said to have originated from the Baiyue people who lived by the water during the Qin and Han dynasties. They worshiped the dragon totem and believed themselves to be the descendants of the dragon, praying for the blessings of the dragon god. Dragon Boat Festival was created as a festival for them to offer sacrifices to their ancestors. This year, on Dragon Boat Festival, NewChi has specially selected "dragon" works as gifts, using auspicious animal images to bless for good health and safety. May you have peace and health during this Dragon Boat Festival!

A Happy Dragon

The artwork "A Happy Dragon" features a relaxed and pleasant auspicious dragon, symbolizing a peaceful and harmonious world where there is peace throughout the land, and the auspicious beasts that protect the world no longer need to intervene, allowing them to leisurely enjoy their time.

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    Contented and Carefree

    Leisurely auspicious beasts symbolize peace throughout the world, while the divine dragon can exist peacefully and at ease.


    Good weather with a prosperous harvest.

    The bottom of "A Happy Dragon" is designed as a traditional seal, which says "May the wind be gentle and the rain be plentiful". It is used to express the wish for good weather and a prosperous harvest.

Roaming Dragons of the Four Seas

The artwork "Roaming Dragons of the Four Seas" uses four circles to symbolize the vast world, and features abstractly outlined small dragons leisurely playing within the world. The artwork ingeniously uses the four circles as a box shape, making it more functional as an exquisite candy or storage box.

"Whether for quiet appreciation or active use, it adds aesthetic and interesting elements to daily life.

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    An exquisite storage box.

    Box-shaped design that can serve as an exquisite storage box. 

  • 八方新氣藝術陶瓷禮贈 琉璃大師王俠軍設計瓷器 瓷盒 四海遊龍

    Lively and Spirited

    The playful little dragon symbolizes the blessings of making many good friendship and connections.

The auspicious dragon bringing blessings. NewChi hopes to inject positive energy into daily life, and offering the greatest wish for the impermanent world. It represents the blessings of peace and good fortune, just like the auspicious beasts that are embodied in it.

- Founder Heinrich Wang

八方新氣頂級白瓷品牌 王俠軍設計瓷器 包裝嚴謹

Gift Wrapping

NewChi artworks are all packaged in exquisite handmade gift boxes, with internal anti-collision protection and a carrying bag included. Before shipping, buffer materials will be used to fill the gaps in the cardboard box to ensure the safety during transportation.

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