The Great Pose Collection

The so-called "standing posture for standing, sitting posture for sitting" requires a spiritually solemn and clear state from the perspective of etiquette, while also requiring an external appearance of ease and relaxation from an aesthetic perspective. NewChi explores the innovative concept of balance and "Chi", seeking new styles that reflect the strict and changing aspects of contemporary society and culture.

Based on the challenge of craftsmanship, we aim to achieve a revolution in the form of porcelain, hoping that its essence, chi, and spirit will match the pattern and temperament of the times, echoing the tradition of having one's own unique style and innovative public welfare throughout the dynasties.
八方新氣藝術白瓷 琉璃大師王俠軍設計瓷器 藝術典藏品祥龍獻瑞

Heroic Posture

Following faithfully the beliefs of a lifetime, grandly revealing a discerning gaze; believing in universal values, and resolutely standing up in serene determination. L32.6xW25xH51.5cm

Auspicious Dragon Offers the Jade Tablet

Accepting the splendidly rich source, creating blessings in karmic fullness; transmitting the dignity of a life of wisdom. L30XW12XH32cm

Sun Moon Brightness

Leaping over the canyon between the sun and the moon, striding towards the glorious future. L33.7 X W28.1 X H25.8cm
八方新氣藝術白瓷 琉璃大師王俠軍設計瓷器 藝術典藏品祥龍獻瑞

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