Phoenix Collection

The phoenix represents a magnificent and noble image of elegance and grace. It also carries the title of "reborn from the ashes" and "immortal bird," which embodies the spirit of innovator that is constantly self-denying and seeking change. This spirit is characterized by perseverance, courage, and vigor. In short, the phoenix combines gentleness with toughness and an indomitable image.

This creation hopes to interpret the spiritual symbol of the king of kings in the south, the phoenix, in an elegant and non-figurative form. On the one hand, it exudes a dignified and harmonious atmosphere, and on the other hand, it exudes a proud and robust spirit. Unlike the domineering and turbulent posture of the northern dragon, its freedom is mature and confident, and its strength is calm and solid. The continuous self-transformation and innovation phenomenon of the phoenix is conveyed through different plot progressions.

and are collected by Museum of History of Taiwan.

八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 鳳鳴八方系列
八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 鳳鳴八方系列

Heaven Sent Conveyances

Withholding materialistic notions to set out for a fresh idea with soaring wills, it manifests its glamour that reaches the vast sky. The phoenix will bring good signs of everlasting peace as a new rule for this age.

Phoenix’s Fantasy

With self-awareness, in rising position, the phoenix gazes at the world with determination. The gliding wings are filled with dignity. The strong body penetrates the earth and the heaven. The ease slowly rises within.


八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 鳳鳴八方系列
八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 鳳鳴八方系列

Hall of Spring

The work incorporates the toughness of high-difficulty geometric planes in porcelain craftsmanship and the elegance of delicate window frames to demonstrate the universal and balanced beauty of a gentleman who is "clear and honest, frank and sincere."

八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 滿堂春系列

Spring Breeze

Decorated with intricate and yet orderly patterns, This fan-shaped garden window in a modern form represents the tranquil and elegant aesthetics of Chinese garden arrangement. A slender oviform vase with a splayed rim is extended from the window and has decorations that match the window patterns.


With a minimalist outline, the two tradtional jars connected by a flat window lattice with a pattern of a candle stand, stand on pointed bases. These two jars, symbolizing the two generations of a family, represent the importance of prosperity and family value that has existed for hundreds of years and will be passed on to future generations.
八方新氣藝術瓷器 藝術家王俠軍挑戰高難度工藝 讓瓷器站起來 滿堂春系列

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