Comedy Chaplin once said : "Life is a tragedy when viewed up close, but a comedy when viewed from a distance." Between far and near ~ the authorities are obsessed, and the bystanders are clear.

Life is like a chess game, every step of the way.  The pot is personified as the king, queen, bishop, knight and soldiers on the chessboard, the two armies face each other and play against each other on the chessboard. After the formation was completed, the chessboard turned into a world, so the pot began to stir, and the spectators around the chessboard began to be surprised and sighed ...

Onlookers are watching
The spectator sees the pattern

Teacher Wang Junlong and the installation art of "Viewing Qi"

Teacher Wang Xiajun and "Guanqi"


Create a "view"

The art installation , designed by the well-known designer Rock Wang, and created by Jiang Chengyao, a metal art creator of New Taipei City, will be exhibited at the "NewChi Garden" in Guandu from now. The curator Wang Junlong (Rock) uses the unique shape and image of NewChi to show the "will of the pot" that "man is like a vessel, and a vessel is like a man", each pot has its own unique role and setting .


Introduction to "Device"

Round and sweet, the body of the pot is a flower bud blooming softly, the handle is suspended in the air, and a soft movement is played .



Artist introduction

Trick Design Office & E.Lab City Roaming Shoes Founder and Chief Designer : Wang Junlong Rock

Master of Design, Design Academy Eindhoven , Netherlands
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Business Design, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Product Design, Shihzu University
In 2007 , he was selected as one of the " Top 100 Chinese Designers " in China's Super Graphics
2008~2011 Yii Milan Furniture Fair invited exhibition designer
Rock specializes in the creation and research of lifestyle products, and continues to use experimental works in design creation to broaden new horizons of Taiwanese design. Starting from the 2007 "Chaos and Order" Design Exhibition , it has experienced "Happiness Place", "Migrant Bird Project", " Tea Party ", "Back to School Day Project", and "Sky Life Aesthetics Exhibition". It is a Taiwanese design creation and curator. pioneer. He has also served as a reviewer of national design competitions for many years : Taiwan Golden Pin Award reviewer, product convener of the New Generation Design Exhibition, Taiwan International Student Design Competition Reviewer, A+ Design Competition Reviewer, Yilan Chair Design Competition Reviewer, Hakka Cultural and Creative Competition Reviewer ... etc.
His works have won many awards including German IF , Red Dot , Japanese G-Mark , American IDEA , Taiwan Golden Dot Award for Best Design of the Year, and the first prize of Asia's Most Influential Award. Collected by collectors such as Leigh Missoni .

Iron Man Art Workshop Jiang Chengyao

Huafan University Department of Fine Arts and Institute of Industrial Design
2008 Taiwan Craft Development Center Invitational Exhibition---TOKYO BIG SIGHT
2011 Taiwan Craft Fashion Milan International Furniture Fair---Milan Triennial Center, Italy
2015 Taiwan Artist Sculpture Competition Best Work
2018 Jiang Chengyao Sincere Metal Creation Exhibition--Taichung Light Art Gallery
In 2018, he was awarded the New Taipei Professional Staff

Ayao is an artist mainly engaged in metal art creation. In 2005 , the Iron Man Art Workshop was established. He has held solo exhibitions at Caoshan Resort, Gold Museum, and National Center for Traditional Arts, and participated in group exhibitions at the Presidential Palace Gallery of the Republic of China, Sanxia Town Historical Relics Museum and other places. In 2009 , the National Metal Craft Competition won the Bronze Award in the Artifact Group; in 2009 , the Hualien County Sightseeing Souvenir Creative Competition won the classic group masterpiece. The works are taken from nature, starting from the common "Sparrow" series, adding elements such as cats, dogs, owls, fish, bats, penguins, etc., combined with glass, driftwood, hardware materials, etc., through the support of iron, let the works move towards three-dimensional world.

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