- Heinrich Wang’s Porcelain exhibition at Museum of History of Shanghai

Porcelain, often viewed as the finest expression of ceramic art, has transcended time and space, and to this day is still referred to belovedly as “fine china”. Chinese Porcelain, with its long history of technological invention, development and transformation, offers a reflection of Chinese history. Chinese porcelain first developed during the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 25 - A.D. 220) and its shapes were limited due to a natural phenomenon known as clay shrinkage. Since the 1800s, Chinese porcelain had received high praises for its graceful and poised beauty, but its classic aesthetics also hindered itself from transforming its style to a modern interpretation; while new expressions in art were inspired in the 1900s during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements (1890 – 1910), Chinese porcelain remained unchanging.

Today, Heinrich Wang, is determined to modernize both the craftmanship and the designs of porcelain by breaking the stereotype of tradition and re-defining Chinese Porcelain art. The founder of NewChi Contemporary Art, Heinrich has been engaged in China’s contemporary porcelain for more than a decade and this exhibition showcases his transformative works of art. 

Mind. Reality. Conception 

 The development of Chinese porcelain have been limited by underdeveloped techniques; porcelain shapes undergo collapse, deformation and contraction during the vitreous and densification process, leading to 15% clay shrinkage rate. “Timeless Prosperity” represents a break-through with the inherently challenging nature of porcelain-making and is a style born from effort made in this regard. 

This series of works is the result of intensive research into materials and processes together with the exploration of the potential of porcelain to behave in brand-new ways; it inherits the solemn spirit of striving for excellence. 

The audience can experience Wang’s abstract forms on multiple levels where the powerful physicality have a visceral and mesmerizing impact and the imagination is stimulated at the social, cultural, and mythical dimension(s).

“Timeless Prosperity”
 “Timeless Prosperity” is the aesthetic imagery of the mind and reality. “Timeless” stands for the magnificence of nature in all its glory, and it also stands for the steadfastness and perseverance brought forth by challenges in the technique of porcelain making. “Prosperity” indicates the beauty in geniality and modesty, as well as the delight in cultural excelsior.

 “I hope the spirit of “Timeless”, together with the conciseness and harmony in “Prosperity”, may leave a confident and kind mark on ethnic arts and crafts in the contemporary era. Furthermore, it is my aspiration that the proud silhouette of my work may sustain the balanced virtues and harmony of Chinese culture. May my works convey as well the Chinese philosophy that emphasize the harmonious relationship among the human beings, the culture, and the society.”- Heinrich Wang 

 Exhibition info:Time: 04/26/2019~05/26/2019

Location: Shanghai History Museum West building Exhibition Hall 2 &3

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