In April, spring is in the air and flowers bloom and fruit flourish. NewChi and Green &Safe, a leading Taiwanese organic producer, collaborated and launched the “Surely NewChi” campaign, utilizing NewChi’s lifestyle products to showcase Taiwan’s exquisite fruits and promote the value of adding art and good health into everyday life. 

Taiwan, with its fertile plains and subtropical climate, has sweet, rich and diverse fruits throughout the year. The fruits are not only tasty, but also beautiful with a variety of colors and shapes, which makes fruit a delicious decorative choice. Together the natural beauty of the fruit pairs with Heinrich Wang’s beautifully designed white porcelain displays, which bring a noble and elegant style, elevating the fruit of life for friends and family.


Catering the fondness of nature, tastes and colors is what Heinrich Wang intended. Different from average plates, the set enhances the freshness and sweetness of life.


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