SIMPLY WHITE–Heinrich Wang's Porcelain Art-Design of the Exhibition Space

The space design is inspired by the winding paths in the eastern garden. By first "obstructing" the viewers with nets to slow them down and find a sense of tranquility. The viewers are then "guided" through the circular corridors to slowly appreciate each piece of work. Finally, it "leads" the viewers to the center located in an open space surrounded by nets.

The space incorporates "culture", "craft" and "technology" to explore the diversity of craftsmanship, tracing the history and innovation of white porcelain to narrate the stories of the creator and disclose the idea development and creating process. Breaking through the traditions of craft, it utilizes technology by presenting white porcelain with multimedia that resonates with lights and shadows, and leaves space to showcase the interaction between crafts and technology. The reading space is meant for the viewers to read through the history of porcelain alone and have a conversation with both the books and themselves.

Exhibition date: 08/08/2021-09/26/2021

Opening hours: 9:30-17:30 Tuesday-Sunday (Closed on Monday)

Exhibition venue: 4th Floor, Taipei Branch, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (No. 41,Nahai Road, Taipei, Taiwan)

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