The exhibition SIMPLY WHITE–Heinrich Wang's Porcelain Art is open from 8th August to 26th September at National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Taipei Branch. This is Heinrich Wang's first solo exhibition in Taiwan. Besides magnificent porcelain collections, there are also pleasant and solemn ceramic figurines and practical yet aesthetic life appliances. 63 porcelain works and molds are exhibited.

Chief Ren-Zi Chang at National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute indicates that Mr. Heinrich Wang has great knowledge in crafts that enables him to break through the challenge of the production of white porcelain and pursue a higher level of philosophy. His excellence of skills that brings about new cultural experience and interaction is self-evident when we see his white porcelain art.

Curator Pei-Ni Hsieh displays the artworks of Heinrich Wang created over 18 years in the magnificent exhibition space. Different periods in his art career resonates with the corresponding age, state of mind and skills.

The life appliances section is the most unique part of the exhibition. The eight or nine objects displayed show us the development of culture, politics and industry in Taiwan in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Over this dynamic period of time, Taiwan has become the cradle of different brands such as tittot, LIULI, Newchi and Rock.

Heinrich Wang has been creating white porcelain for 18 years. He launched an innovation that breaks through the limit of porcelain in existence for 1800 years.  Different from the classical porcelain that is highly ornate and elegant, his porcelain is modern, minimal and profound, heralding a new era in porcelain art with historical meaning.

Exhibition date: 08/08/2021-09/26/2021 (Closed on Monday)

Exhibition venue: 4th Floor, Taipei Branch, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (No. 41,Nahai Road, Taipei, Taiwan)

*Special thanks to 

Adviser: Ministry of Culture | Organizer: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute |Executor: DENKWII

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